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The Grand Tour Under Fire

So... other than the animal rights groups getting upset about the meat covered vehicle shown in The Grand Tour, it seems the trio has stumbled themselves into a much deeper thorn bush.

In episode 4, Hammond got stuffed into the rear bumper of an Audi TT and was smuggled into the UK.

Clarkson, being the witty fellow that he is, spewed a few words which ultimately stuck him in deeper hot water as well, as if what they did wasn't enough.

“When immigrants try to get into the country they always come in the back of a container lorry and that is the world's worst game of hide and seek. If you work for Border Force you open the doors and go, "well there you are". 'Surely, there must be a better way of getting into Britain. And I think I've worked it out,”

Now there are spokespeople from the media and Road Haulage Association stating that this is pretty much a How-To for smuggling immigrants into the UK.

Think they went too far?

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This is a non issue. Media outlets and people on social media need to stop mixing in real life situations with entertainment, let entertainment be just that, entertainment.

Border services have dogs, and all sorts of tools for detecting for anything aside from what would normally be permissible in a vehicle acceptable to cross a boarder.

Even a dog alone would be able to pick up on a human, although it may be trained just for drugs, bombs, etc.
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I mean, the border security when crossing from Toronto, Ontario to go to the United States, there are scanners and everything that the car goes through. I can't imagine security being that weak along the UK borders. I guess some people just take things way too seriously lol
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